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Where will your life's next chapter take you?

Discover Your Path

To Your Most Fulfilling Retirement


Why Coaching?

Changing your role from employed person to retiree can be stressful, even if you already have another role chosen.  So many people ask, "Who am I  now if I'm not my job title?"  They may have been in the same job for so long that they simply don't think they're qualified to do anything else.  Some people retire to help with the grandchildren, and find that, while they love their families they just aren't finding personal fulfillment as babysitters.  

So what are you going to do in your retirement?  What are you passionate about?  What will ignite the spark that will light you up with energy, confidence and joy?

I support people in finding out how to identify their dreams, turn their dreams into goals, and set action plans for achieving those goals.  You are so much more than a job title.  Let's work together to make this next chapter the most exciting and joyful experience ever.  

If you want more information

 please call me at (732) 547-4782. 


I offer individual coaching sessions either in person, on Zoom or on the phone.  I will collaborate with you to create your customized coaching package.

What's holding you back?  Give me a call, and let's dream big together!

How I Can Help

  I help people who are transitioning into retirement to overcome the emotional obstacles and limiting beliefs that are holding them back from seeing the possibilities all around them.  

Think about the next chapter of your life.  Where do you want to be in 10 years? 5 years?  6 months?  Can you even imagine your life then?   

Is golf really the only option for your future?  What if you don't play bridge or tennis?  It's time to expand your horizons and dream big.  

Let me help you discover your path to your most fulfilling retirement.  Your next chapter is waiting!


My Story

Like many, my life's journey has followed a path with many twists and turns.  In 1972, I graduated from Glassboro State College (now Rowan University) with a BA in English. This experience taught me organization, motivation and self-confidence.  It also blessed me with deep and abiding friendships. I discovered that teaching high school was not the path I should follow.  I spent the next 31 years working for the Monmouth County Division of Social Services.  During the last 23 of those years, I worked in the Training Office, teaching new hires how to determine eligibility for public assistance benefits.  I loved it!  I was able to utilize my teaching skills blended with creativity, compassion and humor.  During this time, my husband and I raised our two sons. This taught me patience.  When I retired, it took me some time to find my new path.  The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), a premier coach training program, showed me a path to combining all my life experiences into a positive, focused approach to success.  

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